The latest work from Anthony Beevor (Stalingrad et al), D-Day: The Battle for Normandy was published by Viking in June 2009 and has been a No 1 bestseller in five countries, including Britain and France. It is a massively comprehensive examination of the invasion and the subsequent battle, pulling together accounts from every conceivable source - German, French, British, Canadian, American - from the politicians and the highest ranking officers down to the lowliest foot-soldier. It is an incredible tour-de-force, which I was honoured to be invited to narrate for the Penguin audio version. It was also very gratifying to receive the following comment in Sue Arnold’s review in The Guardian,

… Cameron Stewart's cool, clear voice and astonishing range of accents…are what finally and magnificently bring this monumental theatre of war to life.

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D-Day Audio Book

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